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A good physiotherapist does not treat the disease, but the person who suffers from it.

We care about your well-being

We are specialists in your rehabilitation: osteopathy, physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy and personal training.

+12 years of experience

We have already rehabilitated in addition to
7000 people

10 physiotherapists at your service

12 boxes for individual treatments and more than 200m2

+99% positive ratings

+300 reviews with 99% maximum ratings on Google

Our advantages

The essence of our service is your rehabilitation

Multidisciplinary team

Specialized in the comprehensive rehabilitation of the patient, which involves accompaniment throughout the recovery process.

Ad hoc specialist

Based on the initial assessment, we assign an ad hoc specialist.


Our commitment begins from the first contact and is permanent.

High level centre

We have a high level center guaranteed both by the extensive experience of the team, as well as by our facilities and equipment.

Service excellence

Quality of care and excellence of service are our common denominator (immediacy, flexibility, empathy, professionalism, proximity,…).

Consolidated in the sector

Consolidated in the sector, with a positioning and a trajectory of more than 12 years.

Our specialties

We offer a personalized study of each case, so that you can find the treatment you need nearby.



Osteopathy is a discipline based on the whole person. It relates all the devices that make up the organization through manual techniques and harmonizes them to treat various diseases. Osteopathy allows you to restore dysfunctions of the spine, joints, nervous, muscular and visceral system.


(Indiba, Winback,...)

It consists of the transmission of high frequency currents inside the tissues of the body, thus achieving the stimulation of cells, increasing their metabolism and can reach tissues that are difficult to activate, thus accelerating recovery and reducing pain.

Ondas de choque


Shock waves are high-power acoustic waves that have mechanical and biological effects. They perform a therapeutic effect, as they cause a regeneration of diseased or injured tissues.

Respiratory physiotherapy

Subspecialty focused on preventing, treating and stabilizing breathing dysfunctions or disorders. Its objective is to improve regional pulmonary ventilation, gas exchange, muscle function involved in breathing, dyspnea, exercise tolerance, among other problems. It consists of a set of techniques and procedures for assessment and functional diagnosis of the respiratory system and therapeutic intervention techniques to unclog the airways, respiratory reeducation and readaptation to effort.

Fisioterapia deportiva

Sports physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy is one of the many specialties of physiotherapy through which the rehabilitation, care and prevention of amateur and professional athletes is sought, as well as to show correct guidelines to those patients who practice physical activity and want to do so safely.

Entrenamiento físico adaptado

Adapted physical training

Regular and structured activity designed to promote health based on aerobic exercises, strength training and stretching among others.

Pelvic floor

Physiotherapy aimed at the treatment of urogynecological dysfunctions. Specialty closely linked to pregnancy where it plays a very important role in the prevention of possible difficulties derived from this process. The most common dysfunction reported is urinary incontinence [present in 20-30% of the population, especially women].
Drenaje linfático manual

Manual lymphatic drainage

Massage technique that activates lymph (a transparent liquid that transports cells that help fight infections and other diseases) and favors the elimination of stagnant fluids in the lymphatic system.


TMJ (Temporomandibular Art.)

Discipline of physiotherapy that treats dysfunctions of the temporomandibular joint (jaw) due to imbalances, misalignments or joint wear. Very common pathology: bruxism and headaches.



Physical agent aimed at producing analgesia or muscle electrostimulation of the different muscle groups to be treated.

Therapeutic Pilates

Set of exercises whose purpose is to exercise the body and mind, since through their practice, in addition to improving our physical condition, we increase our capacity for control and concentration.

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We put at your disposal our time flexibility and immediacy

Qualivida Equipment


We have equipment aimed at achieving the objectives of rehabilitation.

Through the device we help patients accelerate the process of recovery, control and improvement of pain in a faster and more efficient way.

We have a rental service for home treatments.

Other specialties


We take care of every gesture, every movement and every word. We help in prevention, rehabilitation and enabling in terms of swallowing, seeing, speech and language. Let’s talk about how we can help you.


Discipline that analyzes, diagnoses and manages the different problems that our lower extremities, especially the feet, can present. Flat feet, poor positioning of fingers, ingrown nails, heel pain, etc


It is responsible for assessing the physiological and metabolic needs of each individual in order to assign an appropriate combination of foods that contribute to improving their state of health.

Qualivida Team

Professionals who help you

Specialists will follow your evolution to complement some of the services we offer with a single purpose: your well-being.


First class personal service and comprehensive attention in a welcoming and personal atmosphere. We have spacious gym rooms and individual boxes.



We have vouchers to save on treatments


Location in Barcelona

c/ Riu de l’Or, 28 (local)

8:00h to 21:00 uninterrupted.

We have adapted transport.

Make an appointment

We put at your disposal our time flexibility and immediacy

Opening hours of the center

Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Contact phone number

938 363 420


669 277 162

Qualivida Group

Excellence in Health

We take care of them

Day Care Centre

We take care of you


Qualivida Fisio Sarrià

A good physiotherapist does not treat the disease, but the person who suffers from it.


Calle Riu de l’Or 28.
08034 Barcelona

938 363 420

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